Journey Of My Life (chapter1)

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My name is Victoria Moreira, I was born 9 July 1983 in Krugersdorp South Africa. I am the fourth child of Mr and Mrs Banda. I was raised in a family of eight, four  boys and four girls. Growing up was not an easy road for me, I grew up in the family of unprivileged. My parents struggled to raise us up, My parents did all sort of minor jobs just to feed us. They use to clean for people and work in farms just to see us through school. I am glad to say that I am proud to have parents like mine. Even though it was not easy but my parents never gave up on life at all.wp-image-1161163908wp-image-1881837629
My Parents always believed that one day things will change for the better. No matter how hard my mother tried to prevent herself not to have more kids they kept on coming. Even the hospital use to be shocked how did she conceive after they closed her womb, not to bare kids anymore. Because they use to tell her if she gives birth to more kids she will die but believe me when I say my mother gave birth to eight kids all in all. But I was raised only seeing seven of us, cause the third child died before I was born. I guess it was a will of God to give my parents so many kids and he had a purpose for all of us. My mother always asked God why so many kids but she never got an answer. People use to mock my parents that they have many kids while they are struggling in life. But my parents always had an answer for them (all is well in Jesus name).wp-image-1945599610wp-image-212519131wp-image-913014446
I grew up living in the church yard, cause we did not have a place to stay, the pastor offered my parents a place so that we could have a home. No matter how hard life use to get my parents never even for once forgot to pray or give thanks to almighty for blessing them with kids and always make sure that there is food on top of our table and roof on top of our heads. Our parents taught us to accept everything in good faith no matter it is bad or good. However I use to ask myself questions, how could a prayerful family like mine suffer like this. Everything my parents touched use to turn from bad to worse. I use to wonder who did my parents offend for us to suffer like this. Our problems use to grow each and everyday of our life. No matter how had they tried things use to become worse. My parents worked like slaves just to feed us but yet, the money they earned use to disappear into thin air. But not even a single day we went to neighbours to ask for help. Because my parents use to say that children of God are not beggars, as long as God is still on his thrown we shall not beg for food from no one. Now I know why my parents use to say that. If you are a child of God you shall go through tribulations, people shall reject you, they shall laugh and judge you. But be patient God time is the best.

To be continued…

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28 thoughts on “Journey Of My Life (chapter1)

    1. Thanks Rejoice for taking time to read my story.I do appreciate alot, I wanted to share my story for along time. But as u said it takes courage to do what am doing, every time I write I can’t help it but share tears cause I know, what me and my family went through but with God on my side I will keep on sharing just to give hope to the hopeless. Stay tuned definitely I will post more. God bless you my dear

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