Journey Of My Life (How my story started)

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Why I chose to be a personal stylist.

I always dreamed to became one of the biggest stylist in this world. The reason I chose to become a fashion Stylist it was because I grew up from a poor background, my parents could not afford to buy us everything we needed when were growing up.

I use to see my friends and other children around our neighborhood dressed up in beautiful outfits, my siblings and I we never had that privilege cause our parents were not able to afford to buy clothes for all of us.

Every time I use to see my friends with beautiful outfits, I use to take a pen and paper and I would draw a beautiful dress, imagining myself wearing that dress. Life that time was so difficult for me and my siblings, but we never gave up hope. Cause our parents always taught us to accept every situation that come to us in good faith.

My mom always use to say to us, my kids you may lack good things now but I know in future all of you will make me proud and God is watching over you. So never ask God why you don’t have what your friends have and always tell your friends that they look beautiful and your happy for them. Always write your dreams on the piece of paper and make a wish, God will hear your cry and he will answer your prayers one day.

My mom’s words kept us going, me and my siblings we use to take plastic containers and my brother will build cars, plates and etc just for us to have toys to play. We were always happy because we could build things for ourselves and life moved on.

Today I am proud to say I am glad we came from a poor background. Because my parents never gave us everything we needed in a platter of gold but they thought us how to fight for our dreams and future. My second brother today is one of the biggest carpenter in South Africa. This is some of his creation(work).👇👇👇



Every time I  look back where we come from, my tears run down my cheeks. God time is the best. I shall continue sharing my story with you guys. For now enjoy some of the ideas I put together.

Outfit 1imageOutfit 2imageOutfit 3imageOutfit 4imageOutfit 5imageOutfit 6imageOutfit 7imageOutfit 8imageOutfit 9imageOutfit 10imageOutfit 11imageOutfit 12imageOutfit 13imageOutfit 14imageOutfit 15imageOutfit 16imageOutfit 17imageOutfit 18imageOutfit 19imageOutfit 20imageOutfit 21imageOutfit 22imageOutfit 23imageoutfit 24imageOutfit 25imageOutfit 26image Thanks for stopping by have blessed day.

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38 thoughts on “Journey Of My Life (How my story started)

  1. Thanks for sharing. Wow, do you own all of those outfits? They are super cute. Love your mom’s words, “Always write your dreams on the piece of paper and make a wish, God will hear your cry and he will answer your prayers one day.” Its biblical “Habbakuk 2:2” 💟

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  2. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Your parents sound like amazing people that have raised very hard working and successful children. You and your brother are so creative and talented. I’m sure your parents must be so proud of you guys!

    xo, Jackie

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  3. Oh my goodness Tashnee :):) You have me all crying this morning 🙂 Not in a bad way but in a I love to see God’s children, love and give Him glory sort of way. You and your brother were very blessed to have such great parents. Your brothers work is just as amazing as your styling abilities. I love every one of those outfits. How can anyone pick just one. God bless you.

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    1. Am so sorry Margaret, I understand the way u feel every time I want to share my story with people, when I start remembering the past my eyes filled up with tears but either way I have to share my story with PPL. Maybe the is someone out there who need to know that God is alive and he protect his own. Life can be difficult sometimes but people need to know that the same God who did it for me and my six siblings can still do it for them. Thanks alot for taking your precious time to read my story. God bless you too

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      1. It was a good cry! It reminds me of God’s love and to see it through someone else eyes is just as precious as when I see Him working in my life. It was a true blessing you sharing your story. You keep sharing it. That’s what we are suppose to do. Show people how God loves us and they will want that love too. That’s what saves souls.

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  4. Omg, love this post and I just can’t decide which outfit I love the most! You’d be killing it in any one of these outfits!!! Keep on blogging about your feelings and showing us these wicked beautiful outfits ! God bless you !

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