Running a fundraising campaign

Hi my lovely friends this is your girl Tashnee.V.Mavee. Welcome back to my blog.

I decided to run a fundraising campaign for prostate cancer. So that I could raise some money to save my Dad, my hero most of all my everything.

I’m living in Bulgaria at the.moment and my father is in South Africa, which makes my concern even bigger, I’m trying the most I can to raise this money, but at the point I need all the help I can get will be very welcomed as the money we are making here is going to consultations and medicines which to be honest is not helping much, therefore the surgery is the only solution.
My mother is the one that is taking care of my father at the moment and it has been very tough due to his condition.

So my lovely friends please help me to share this link in Facebook and Twitter. I will appreciate a lot .

This link Below👇👇👇Its a fundraising link where I created a fundraising campaign. Any amount is allowed starting from 1 Euro If you press the link it will take you to the site.

Help me save my father

God works in a mysterious ways, who knows maybe I can be lucky and find sponsors to sponsor my campaign. Please do help me spread the news just by sharing a link.

And most of all your prayers are highly appreciated from me and my family we would like to say a very big  thank you to everyone, for keeping us in prayers. That the only powerful weapon we need now.

Thank you for stopping by have a lovely blessed day.


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