Help me save my father

Hi my lovely friends this is your girl Tashnee.V.Mavee. Welcome back to my blog. I hope you love today’s post.

My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014 and he was under going treatment. And he was given an operation date to a government hospital in 20 September 2017 and he was told not to eat a night before, because he has to go for operation.

On getting there the doctor just put him on the machines and sent him home. He was with lots of pains and after waiting for two years to do operation and at the end he did not do it. He got terrible sick after two days and my mom took him to the doctor who referred him to Johannesburg hospital at bara hospital. And the doctor was surprised to see my father with lots of pains and his case was even getting worse. He contacted the hospital to ask them what happened and the only answer they could give him it was that they where fully booked so their booking him for 2019 September 9.

And they found out that he has no cancer anymore but he has to do operation nevertheless. But only after two years they are free to operate him. I know God is in control of the situation and he will never let his children down.

The doctor tried to explain to them that my father’s case is worsened up but they just don’t care. So he advised us to take him to private hospital which my mom did and the doctor’s are asking for R60 000 rand in cash before they could do operation. Seeing my father crying because of pain and he is finding difficult to urinate. It really breaks my heart, especially now that I am even very far from them. I live in Europe and my parents are in South Africa. I feel more even restless when I talk to my father over the phone, I can feel his pains. He is been going with pipe for almost two years now to help him urinate. And now we had to stop him working because he can’t handle the pain anyomore at work.

Because his a security guard and his job is to run around. I am really a desperate daughter trying to save my father’s life. Because his prostate is growing day by day now. Please I will appreciate any help I can get just to save a soul. Day by day he gets worse and he can’t eat anymore. Seeing him crying breaks my heart. At least I will give up knowing that I tried to save him than regretting of not doing nothing to help him. If the is any doctor who can offer to do operation on him with credit, I will appreciate it a lot. I can pay the instalment monthly, because I don’t have the whole of 60 000 rand cash. But I can pay 10 000 rand upfront. That’s how much I saved so far.

I set the date of 3 March because it is his birthday, saving his life is the only present I could give him. Thank you in advance to everyone who will give me a helping hand. I will definitely update you about my father’s condition. May God bless you all.

I will appreciate if you can help me to share my  link below to your blogs or any other social media am trying to raise funds for my father’s operation.👇👇👇👇👇

Source: Help me save my father

I can’t wait to see this smile on him again

Please do keep my father in your prayers. That’s the only weapon that can heal him.

Thanks for stopping by have a lovely blessed day.

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46 thoughts on “Help me save my father

  1. Tashnee, I am so sorry hon – I can truly say I know what you’re going through. God is able, he’s a healer and a miracle worker. You and your family are in my prayers – I do hope and pray that you get the money you need. My prayers are with you…

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    1. When the devil see that his defeated he make sure he has another plan to strike, my two brothers lost their job in the same year this year. Both companies closed because they went bankrupt and my other brother business is slow because not every day people build new furniture and am still looking for a job. But hey me am my family we are strong. I think the devil just want to break us. But he lost the battle. I will never quit to pray as long God still on his throne.


    1. Hi Xena thank you a lot dear, for your concern indeed l need prayers more than anything now for my father to get well. 60 000 is round about $5000 dollars. Thank you for stopping by and keep on praying for my family the devil is a liar we will get through this.


    1. I can imagine Divyanchi I can’t even think straight but I won’t let the devil to defeat me, I will keep on fighting. Thanks for stopping by dear. Do keep my father in your prayers. It will mean a lot to me


      1. Why not dear…. I did my father’s funeral… I m very strong girl… I love my father…. There is no one like him…. Miss u papa…. I hope u will hug ur father soon with pleasure

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      2. Am sorry for your loss dear, I know your dad is up there looking down to you. He is so proud to have you as a daughter. He will always live in your heart and always remember the good time you shared with him.A thought of losing my father is the one that scares me the most. Because am not ready at all. This man did all his best just to feed us and I pray to God to give me a chance to do the same.


      3. I wish I was there with him but his in South Africa and I am in Europe Bulgaria. And the money I have to waist to fly down to south Africa, I rather save it so that I can raise more money for operation for him and send it to my mom. Thank you dear.


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