Stop Comparing Yourself With Someone Else

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Why do you compare yourself with other people?

Loving yourself  and accepting your situation is the most important weapon in life, you can wear affordable clothes and still look better than the person who just bought a 4000$ dress or Pants.

Models Name:Busisiwe and Nkanyiso

People Only Show You What They Want You To See.People only show certain parts of their lives on social media, Do you really think the fashion blogger you follow on Instagram, Facebook or any social media. Do you think they own most of the clothes they display on social media, all the cars they drive, the house they use to take pictures.PicsArt_07-08-10.02.52

Hell no most of this girls and boys are fake .But, that’s what they choose to show the world often. In reality, they have ups and downs just like me and you. On Instagram their big boys and girls, but a night their fighting over bread with their siblings while in social media they eat in fancy restaurant.


Do you even know the Sacrifices Someone Made to Get What They want. Every time I use to see someone who has all the ‘things’ in life, I used fantasize about how awesome their life is, maybe they come from rich family’s or they have a good paying jobs. Until one day the was a girl I use to admirer alot and one day I met her through my dancing journey and I had a opportunity to stay with her on the same room.


So we had a function on that same night and we were suppose to dress smart and I was so stressed cause I was on the same room with the person I admire and I was afraid to even choose my clothes in front of her, so I took my last money I had to eat and I told her am going out to buy something to dress Cause I was not prepared for the trip it was a last-minute decision.


So she offered to go with me to the mall and I was nervous cause I knew that, she wore expensive clothes than mine. And I did not have enough money to buy expensive clothes but I said to her we can go. When we got to the mall I went to Mr price to buy a black dress and she asked me if this is the place am going to buy my dress and I told her yes and she said to me how much do you have, I told her I only have R300 rands.


And she said to me let’s go to another shop, she took me to a nice boutique and she said I must give her the  money I had. So I gave her the money  and she bought a beautiful dress for me it cost her R800 rand, but the dress was so expensive. So when we got home she told me not to take a price tag on the dress, because she will take back the dress following day to receive my money back. I was shocked and I ask her how, she said don’t worry u will see and please don’t dirty the dress she said. We went to the function and came back and I slept off.FB_IMG_1500439342810

When I woke up around 1pm, I saw the money laying beside me the exact money I gave her, I was curious and I went to check on the dress it was no where to be found. And she laughed at me and said are you looking for the dress we bought yesterday and I said yes, I took it back and got our money back, I told them the dress was to big and they did not have the smaller size, so they did not have a choice but to give me back the money.FB_IMG_1500439335480

Do you think some of those clothes you see me posting on social media,  they all belong to me, no my dear most of this people you see on instagram they do this also. Only those one who really loaded have money to spend any how. Some sleep around just to get what they want, so me I decided to do this trick. I was shocked and since from that faithful day I stopped comparing myself or admiring other people’s life. Because I was afraid to wear my on clothes that I spend my hard earn money to buy just because of the fake person I admired all my life.FB_IMG_1500439319682

Your success is not dependent upon someone else’s. Comparing Yourself to Someone else will never be beneficiary. Always compete with yourself, lay down goals you want to achieve and take your time to accomplish them. Don’t say my friend is married I have to get married to, getting married for the wrong reasons is not good. Just because your friend bought a car you want a car, no it does not work like that. Stop making your life someone life, build your dream not someone dream.

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48 thoughts on “Stop Comparing Yourself With Someone Else

    1. Thanks a lot dear, I know it is very hard, I battled with self esteem for years until finally I started seeing good things about myself. I always go to the mirror and talk to myself. I always say to myself your beautiful, brave ,hardworking girl, you have what it takes to conquer the world, what more do you want is God a fool to make you like this, hell no is not, Tashnee God created you this way cause he knows your unique on your own way, why always compare yourself with others don’t you trust your father in heaven.

      This words kept me going until I finally started to accept myself and believe me, I still do that even now. I have learned to love myself and accept myself the way God created everything around me. So my dear if your going through what I went through the mirror is your friend talk to it and pray to God to give you strength to accept yourself and move away from people who don’t want the best for you,especially the ones who don’t see good things about you.

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  1. I totally agree with you! Social networks and Instagram in particular, shows only a little part of our lives. Of course we don’t post pics when we’re sad or not feeling well. This is something we tend to forget, when we compare ourselves to other people.

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  2. Interesting. Here in Canada, almost all the stores put a special tag on the clothing so people can’t wear the piece unless the tag is removed, and if it is then you can’t take it back. Nice post.

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    1. Thank you 3C, Even us we do have a tag but, you can take back clothes if the is something wrong with the dress. Or if it is bigger or small size. Cause we are allowed to do exchange before 30 days. The last time I remember it was like that in SA. I don’t know if the law is still the same now. Have a blessed weekend.

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      1. Oh, we do have the same law but if the tag is remove we can’t take it back to the store, even if there is something wrong with the clothing. This policy was installed because I guess to many peoples was wearing the item and returning. Have a great weekend too.

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  3. Amen sister! Be happy with you, and what you have. It is the things that are not seen that are the most important. Great story, shedding light on the reality of the things we perceive to be important, and the things that really are important. God Bless you 🙂

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  4. Love the photos on your post and you’re right. For years I compared my life to my cousin who seemed to “have it all”. Now that we’re both in our middle to late 60s, she’s telling ME how she envies my life! You never know . You just have to be yourself and not compare yourself to others because the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

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