Journey Of My Life (chapter3)


Tragedy happened

One early morning me and my siblings decided to wake up and do all the cleaning in the house, before we could go and play. On the same day my mother decided to visit a neighbor near by. After putting everything in place we decided to go outside and play on the grass. We sat down on the grass and there was this game we use to love playing with each other, tapping on each other’s hands. Till today I don’t understand actually what happened on that faithful day.IMG_-49u5pdPSX_20170417_183340

As we were playing it was very beautiful sunny day. My younger brother from nowhere he was stroked by lighting, it pulled him from where he was sited, the next thing we saw it was him floating into the air and he fell down into the ground. I had to run an call my mother because he was crying and screaming . It happened as if it was in a movie but believe me it happened.IMG_1781

Mean while my father came back from work and he had to rush my brother to the hospital, when they got there all his bones were broken. The doctors could not believe what they saw and they started asking questions, but we had no answer to all the questions they were asking.


Because we already told them what happened and that was all we knew. My parents got back home that faithful day and my father beat us thinking we are hiding something. But actually we only told them the truth. After few days the hospital called my parents and announced to them that my younger brother will never walk again in his life.IMG_2196-1

My parents world came crumbling, their lives were shuttered. All our lives never stayed the same again, seeing him lying in the hospital bed his body tied up with steel all around him.Weeks and months past but there was no change. My parents had faith that he would walk again no matter what the doctors said. Their faith was like a never drying river they believed strongly in God and they never lost hope.F3C6F722-94C2-4282-9778-FE04CFAD8B6B

When we use to visit him, we always had to see him through the windows. Because no one was allowed inside because of his situation. My father changed a lot he stopped being that loving father we use to know. He was full of anger, he wanted to know why all these things was happening to our family. Who could blame him, he started getting angry at everything we did in the house.IMG_1785

One morning one of my other brother’s just collapsed in the house, he was rushed to the hospital and they did examination on him and the doctor said he had Epilepsy.PSX_20170420_224420

My father did not understand what was going on. He asked the doctor to check again cause my brother was fine all these years how could just one fall make him Epileptic. Now problems started, when my brother use to get epileptic attacks sometimes he would sleep for three days without waking up. No water, no food, my mother had to bath him for those three days.


Because he could not move but you could see that he was still alive. But I guess he was on the temporary Coma for those days. He use to be on a state of unconsciousness in which a person cannot be awakened. Life became miserable for all of us in the house. We use to be poor but we were always happy and we could joke around with our parents, but all that came to an end after my two brothers got sick. Did the devil win?

To be continued…….

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38 thoughts on “Journey Of My Life (chapter3)

  1. This is so sad. I read your post last night and I was so touched. I could not write back to you then; I had no words to ease your pain. You are so strong Tashnee! I turned off my computer and I went to bed hoping I would get some sleep. I could not. Your words were in my head, images of your story kept popping up… And I was anticipating that the worst was yet to come since no pictures of your two brothers were published on your post. God, I hope chapter 4 of your life will prove me wrong. Stay strong!

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    1. I do understand how you feel,and thanks a lot 3C for thinking about me, I just want you to know that God never fails his own children, when your a chosen one. You go through tribulation and pass through heavy storms but if your faith is strong you pass all the test.

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  2. The Lord is your strength, shield and reward for all things work together for good to them that love God. As you keep your mind stayed on him your trials and testing period will surely end in praise cause God will never give up on you. God bless you.

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  3. Such a sad tragedy. It’s ones strength and belief in god that keeps a family together at such trying times. May god bless you and your family always.


  4. Wow this was saddening. I’m so glad that you’ve managed to be able to reflect on the past as a much stronger and accepting person. I’m positive that these past experiences have shaped you to be very resilient. God bless you x

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    1. Thanks a lot dear, with God by our side everything is possible. In him I found comfort, and it will be unfair for me if I don’t tell people the good things he has done for me and my family. Sometimes when you tell people that you understand their pain and you have been there too,they think you are joking you just want them to feel better.

      So I asked God to give me strength to share my story,it is not easy but I will be fulfilled if I could save just one person in a million people,who is going through the same road I took growing up. So that at least that one person will know that If God still on his thrown anything is possible

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  5. Oh! you are a strong person, Tashnee , your eyes had seen tragedies but your heart saw them through love. I am touched by your story, it will help a lot of people who had seen tragedy to stay strong. Have a lovely day

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