How to style your man

Hi friends this your girl Tashnee.V.Mavee. Welcome back to my blog. Today I have an interesting topic which was suggested by one of my readers.

Model Name: Nkanyiso

His a Graphic designer, Photographer, Fitness instructor , Brand Ambassador.. Grant Star Owner.


Men’s Outfits ideas

Most women want to change their man’s wardrobe but they don’t know how to go about it. I know sometimes their are specific clothes we want our man to wear, but we are afraid to make a move, cause your scared that he will think you hate his style or your trying to make him the person his not.wp-image-825435337

There are many ways you can go about it without hurting your man’s feelings. Firstly don’t try to hard to push your man to wear what you want. Always try to be polite and say nice things to him, go with him to the mall and if you see something you like and you want him to try it, ask him in a gentle way, “my love please try this T-shirt it May look nice on you with these pants.”wp-image-514129774

Never ever try to be his mom or order him around to dress the way you think is good for you. Always try to make him feel good about himself, buy him a gift of something you’d love to see him in, like a thinner tie or some slimmer cut jeans. Style him to your own taste. Tell  him your taking  a him out  for a treat and you want to spoil him. Go with him to dinner date with your friends and their man. Try to make your friends to comment on his new look.wp-image-1499995285

Never bad mouth your man to your friends about his dressing, always try to protect him if your friends feel he doesn’t match your requirements or standards. Always say good things about him to your friends and make it your own personal secret that you want to change his way of dressing. You don’t want your friends seeing your man in the outfit you like and they comment things like, wow, your girl managed to change your style of dressing. She always hated the way you used to dress. No girlfriend you don’t need that drama around you. Cause instead you will end up loosing the man you love and hurting his feelings too.wp-image-529672083

So my friends I share with you, few ideas of how you can dress your man. Playing around with colors and styles. This all giving him a different look but feeling comfortable with himself. The outfits I chose they can be used in several types of occasions. Make them simple and comfortable to use and not given them that big impact of change. This also applies to all man who want change their way of dressing and those who are just looking for some ideas.wp-image-557659853wp-image-114016030wp-image-189045841

Guy’s don’t be afraid all this outfits can be easily purchased from the following store’s. H&M, ZARA, and for those who live in South Africa can also go to WOOLWORTHS, MARKHAMS , SPORTSCENE.

wp-image-183728361If you need to know anything about my model’s or use them to promote your brand or anything at all feel free to contact me about more details.

Thanks for stopping by have a blessed daywp-image-574025642

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