Journey Of My Life (chapter2)

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What made people to be puzzled


People often use to ask themselves questions? how do we feed cause they knew that my parents couldn’t afford to raise us up, with what they earned from their minor jobs they used to do for people. But they forgot to ask themselves a question? that our birth was not a mistake, our parents may not have planned us but God did and only him knew why, he gave my parents so many kids. Because in life we intend to plan things our own way, forgetting that God is the only one who holds the key to our life. My parents used to tell us that we must act and behave like everything is ok. I was taught not to show my enemies or people around me my weakness.image

It was not an easy task, I grew up without toys. Seeing other kids living a good life and us suffer like we used too. I even used to wonder if God was really there. But my parents always taught us to accept life the way it is. Me and my siblings never had toys but life moved on with or without toys. My brother was very talented, he used to pick up some hangers and some cans to make cars and some of the toys so that we could play. He was young but he had talent since from birth, he could build anything he wanted, today I know why. image

My brothers used to go to school barefooted, they preferred us young ones to have shoes. They used to stay the whole day without food in school, watching other kids eating at lunch time. Have you ever imagined what kind of life we lived. But not even once they complained to our parents cause they knew the situation at home. They preferred not to eat at school but at least to have supper at night. Wow what a life, my mother started a small business making some fat cakes to sell in the factories so that we didn’t go to sleep without nothing in our stomach.image

She used to wake up at three o’clock in the morning to prepare fat cakes. And she used to leave home around 4am just to get people to buy the fat cakes she made, while my father was preparing himself to go to work also. God was really moving with my parents, cause not even one day my mother was mugged. We use to hear bad things about the area where my mom used to pass to go and sell her fat cakes that someone was robbed and killed in the same area but not even one day she encountered any problem, instead those people who use to rob people were protecting her.image

Because one early morning she met the guys on the road and they asked her where she was going and she told them she is going to sell fat cakes and they asked her if she was not afraid to be killed. She told us that she looked at them and said I’m not afraid to die, because they will only kill the flesh but they will never kill my spirit, even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. And the boys said to her, mom we will protect you. So everyday we will wait for you here until you finish selling your food and take you home, it is our job to protect you. They were there to harm her but God intervained and turned their minds around.imageimage

My father tried to stop her not to go and sell any more but my mother told him that she will die trying to make us to be better people one day. Looking back now I can see that this women really suffered for us. Watching her leaving the house so early in the morning, just to pay our school fees and to put food on top of our table.image

imageMe and my siblings were very young but we came together as one and we told ourselves that we will never bother our parents with anything that is not important in our life. We could see that our parents were really trying their best to make us happy. Seeing them both go through what they did just for us to stay alive, it gave me and my siblings courage to accept anything that our parents offered to us in good faith.

To be continued…..wp-image-574025642

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