Journey Of My Life (chapter1)

Hi friends this is your girl Tashnee.V.Mavee welcome back to my blog, I hope you enjoy today’s post. Who are you? My name is Victoria Moreira, I was born 9 July 1983 in Krugersdorp South Africa. I am the fourth child of Mr and Mrs Banda. I was raised in a family of eight, four  boysContinue reading “Journey Of My Life (chapter1)”

Do I need expensive clothes to fit in?

Hi my friends, welcome back to my blog. Do I need expensive clothes to fit in the society? My answer is no, to my own opinion i don’t think you need expensive clothes just to fit in among your friends or society. Why should you please your friends or  leave a fake life because youContinue reading “Do I need expensive clothes to fit in?”

Loving smashbox

Photo finish Foundation primer I love Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. I think this product works fantastic. I have never had issues with breaking out or anything with this product. The product is exceptional quality, you only require a small amount, it glides across the skin and sets beautifully, foundation goes on effortlessly and your skinContinue reading “Loving smashbox”

Black and white outfit

Some women might think that black and white are boring colours.But actually if u know how to style your black and white outfit,you should see that actually u can make a stunning outfits .So I personally I think black and white outfit can’t be boring if u play your cards right. Black leather pants wornContinue reading “Black and white outfit”