Women’s Gladiator Sandals Slim High Heels Summer Ankle Boots

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageAm so in love with this footwear, I am on the hunt for this beauties .I won’t stop looking until I get each pair of this gladiators.I can’t wait to build my own closet full of shoes.I am actually obsessed when comes to shoes,I can’t walk out of the mall without buying a pair of heels.High heels makes  me feel more taller and I feel more confident when am using them.

Whenever  I am in a bad mood or feeling  sad ,the only thing that’s Cheer me up is to go and shop for a new pair of shoes.When I was in South Africa I already started my closet of shoes and bags .But now am back to square one.All my shoes remained behind,I feel so lost without them.My life is not the same without my babies.







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