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Tabitha Banda, she is 25 yrs old. She is a graduate of Tourism and hospitality and currently studying Diploma in Public Relations. She has a good sense of humour, courageous, focused, always wants to learn new skills, she is motivated, friendly and ambitious. She is a Singer in church Choir.

She is a devoted Christian. She is beautiful and single mother. She loves jokes and never undermines anyone. She wants to be a TV presenter some day. She is a single mother of one. She loves her Son more than anything else in this world. She motivates young female mothers to love, their kids and do right by them.

No matter the circumstances they find themselves in. She motivates them to dream high and reach their goals, not to let a kid to stop them. She has a bright future and we need more young women like her in this world. Who never gives up easily in life.

I am glad to be able to dress this beautiful young Lady. I am her Personal Stylist and I am grooming her to be a responsible young lady. Which I am glad because she is following my footsteps

What she wore was a checked pattern slim pants with a pink sleeveless v neck crop top and pink high heels.


Thank you for stopping by. May you all have a lovely blessed day.

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    1. Thank you so much Terry


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