What to wear on your first date

Hi beautiful people this is your girl Tashnee.V.Mavee. Welcome back to my blog I hope you love today’s post.cropped-picsart_06-21-086351386806640983227085034766.jpg

Today’s topic is all about what to wear on your first date. Most of the time, comes a day when you’re a single lady and your invited for a dinner date for a first time. You get confused of what to wear on that evening. It’s a dilemma that most of single ladies have been trying to solve for decades . It may sound stupid or as if you don’t have brains but believe me, we all experience some form of first date wardrobe panic, when we dress to impress.


As a lady you try to wear something beautiful or something that will make you comfortable or look stunning in front of the person who asked you out. But remember the key is to be more comfortable in what your wearing. Comfort should be your first priority! The last thing you want to do, is be fidgeting with your outfit.


And secondly make sure you check out the location first  that will be your guide to what to wear or to expect. Your look should reflect your environment! Wear a short dress or a skirt. But don’t show off to much of skin, because it can look like your trying too hard or look desperate. That can be a turn off to some guys out there.

Never wear something that is to revealing on your first date. Because you can give a bad impression. Don’t wear something that will show to much skin. Go for something elegant and showing off a little bit of skin. If you decide to wear a skirt or a dress on your first date.

As for me if I was invited for a dinner date for a first time. I would make sure to wear something simple and more especially the one I am comfortable wearing it in public. If you’re going out for a first date you don’t need to over dress yourself. Because you don’t want to look so desperate in front of him.

But make sure you look stunning and beautiful at the same time. Because first impression lasts.

Thank you for stopping by have a lovely blessed day picsart_12-02-0911889932726614261748101789572.jpg

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12 thoughts on “What to wear on your first date

  1. Very nice pictures of you Tashnee. I’ve been out of the dating scene for many years now – have the love of my life sitting next to me as I write to you lol. The most important thing I can think to wear when I go out is my very best smile. It was nice to see you smile! 🙂

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