How to look stylish on a budget

Hi beautiful people this is your girl Tashnee.V.Mavee. Welcome back to my blog I hope you love today’s post.

I am back again with my floral dresses outfit ideas.I made this post because of what my friend said to me a few days ago. She wanted to attend a friend’s party and she didn’t know what to wear because the theme party was floral outfits. So I told her to go and buy a floral dress from Zara or any boutique shop that sells affordable summer dresses.

Because her budget was not that much and she wanted to borrow money just to look good for the party. So I told her why should she borrow money to impress her friends and stay in debts  while she can buy a beautiful affordable dress.

 My friend said to me it isn’t  easy to stand out in the crowd wearing an affordable (cheap) summer outfit dresses, she said if your going to an event or for a friend’s party you need to look expensive. I asked her why? but she told me that everyone will notice she is wearing cheap clothes 🙄🤔Because her friend has money. And girls with classy etc, will be there also.

I said to her who said you can’t look sexy and classy with outfits you bought on a low budget to attend a friends party or wedding. The only important thing is you attend the event. As I said before you don’t need to rob the bank to look good. If you know how to shop for your body type definitely you won’t go wrong, choosing the outfit that will look good on you.

Be content with what you have and stop focusing on what people will think about you  Sometimes we are our own enemy. Because if you have low self esteem. You will always think that people are judging you or gossiping about you. Self Acceptance is a key to happy life. I don’t care what people think about me. Because I know who I am with or without cheap clothes, I make sure I stand out. Not because of clothes, but because of the self confidence I have in me.

Check out the outfit I stated below. You can still look good on a low budget  👌👌. By the way that’s my own opinion.


I am currently loving dresses this Summer, I am rocking floral dresses these days. These floral dresses they’re perfect summer staples, so I can still  throw it on with sneakers or any sandals for the evening. 





As for me, summer is all about ease and comfort. I like to have a couple of go-to sundresses to throw on that can transition easily from day to night. This dress above came with different colors, I had to buy it in green also. 





I  love wearing maxi dresses because they are super versatile and can easily be styled for day or night. Paired with beautiful pair of high heels your good to go. Definitely you don’t need to go bankrupt to the look good


Thank you for stopping by have a lovely blessed day picsart_12-02-0911889932726614261748101789572.jpg

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