I am inspired by fashion

Hi this is your girl Tashnee. V. Mavee. Welcome back to my blog I hope you love today’s post.picsart_06-21-086351386806640983227085034766.jpg

Today’s post is all about different types of looks, trends and fashion. 

Fashion is one of the business that is ever-growing, changing and influencing the way we think, act and look.

Take a moment to look around and notice how influential fashion is in your everyday life – the looks you see today may be gone tomorrow.

Each and every day we have new trends coming out. That’s why I am saying fashion really plays a big role in our everyday life.

Even though their are some clothes I will never wear, but I know that not everything that  looks good on someone else guarantees that it will  look good on me.

Each and every one of us have different taste when comes to clothes, food or how we live our life style. Behind each and every look lies the story.

Please comment below how you think about this post and the looks I shared on this post.

Thank you for stopping by, do visit again. Have a lovely blessed day. picsart_12-02-0911889932726614261748101789572.jpg

Published by Tashnee V Mavee

Fashion stylist , fashion blogger and Lifestyle blogger

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