Journey of my life chapter 9

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Life became hell once again, everything went back to square one. Around the area we use to stay. People we’re killed each and every day. Houses we’re burnt in daily basis. We needed to save our lives, so my parents decided to take us elsewhere.1523057829182.png

We had no choice but to run away from that area. We went to another location  to stay. My mother was given a empty space of land by the government.  Because She applied for the land long time ago. We had no choice but to go there and stay and start a new life all over again.1523057873058.png

My father and my brothers build a shack house for us to stay. We lived in that area and grow up there. Our life changed at least all the terrible things where happening to us stop. Attacks from evil people stopped completely.1523057783457.png

Because my parents faith was multiplied by 10. Everything started to fall in place. Even though we had a small place to stay, but at least peace was restored to us. We had no lights but  at least we had a place to rest our heads.

Life was tough because my dad was the only one working. My mother decided to open a creche to help out in the house . She started running the creche with only few kids. But at least she used to make money to pay our school fees. Even though we had no food for lunch to eat at schoolIMG_20180406_202245.jpg.

As a child growing up, seeing other kids eating during break and lunch time was not easy at all. Knowing fully that you don’t have nothing to eat. But we knew that at night we will not sleep without food, that gave us the courage to hold on during the day in school. My mother always made sure the was food for us to eat at night.IMG_20180406_202245.jpg

But the most important thing was that  joy was restored in my family. We struggled as one family and we never ran to anyone for help, because everyone abandoned us. Even our own family did not care what we eate or where we slept. It was only us and our parents. But God never left our side not even for once. My mother’s creche was not making enough money but at least it could pay our school fees and put food on our table at night.IMG_20180406_202229.jpg

Those days my father use to receive a small salary. So it couldn’t sustain us for the whole month.  But with the help of my mom everything was getting better day by day.

Psalm 25
New Living Translation

aA psalm of David.

1O LORD, I give my life to you.

2I trust in you, my God!

Do not let me be disgraced,

or let my enemies rejoice in my defeat.

3No one who trusts in you will ever be disgraced,

Children of God will never be disgraced as long God is still on the throne.

To be continued

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    1. Ooh am sorry to hear that. And thank you for always stopping by. I have not been posting a lot this past few months, because I was so stressed over my father. But I thank God and each and every one of you with your prayers his getting much better.

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