The cold is already here❄⛄❄☔

Hi my beautiful and lovely friends. This is your girl Tashnee.V.Macee. Welcome back to my blog, I hope you like today’s post.

I can’t believe that finally winter is here. It has been snowing for the past few days now. And Sofia is painted in white with snow all around.


Everything looks so beautiful because of the snow. But also is very cold outside . But I am enjoying every minute of it. I think this winter will be colder@p0p0 than the one I had last year in Romania.


Everything looks so beautiful and lovely, seeing the streets, buildings and trees filled with snow.


Thank you for stopping by have a lovely blessed day.


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  2. I love the snow from afar…Beautiful pictures too!

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  3. Love the pics ! Stay warm 🙂

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    1. Thank you have a lovely blessed weekend


  4. DelBlogger says:

    Can’t wait until Spring again, the older I get, the less I enjoy the snow.

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  5. 3C Style says:

    Hello Tashnee. We had a little bit of snow down here in Quebec but it melt. Still, it’s getting cold here too .We should get some more snow pretty soon though. Your pic are beautiful.

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    1. Wow that’s nice, Same here it’s very freezing now outside.Thank you so much for visiting 3C. Have a lovely blessed day

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      1. 3C Style says:

        You too Tashnee. ❤️

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    1. Yep wow, but hey it freezing out here

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      1. just_me says:

        I wanna see snow!

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      2. Visit Bulgarian 😊😊

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  6. Beautiful photos! Snow is such lovely weather to look at, but I hate to be out clearing it up, lol.

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    1. That’s true dear, and thank you for stopping by


  7. I love the snow, this does make the area look so pretty! I’m very jealous as someone from the uk that gets maybe a few days of snow every couple of years

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    1. That’s true dear it looks so lovely outside

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  8. Duran Burke says:

    Nice blog and great pictures!

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    1. Thank you so much Duran


  9. beautiful photographs.. yes indeed its too cold!!


    1. Thank you dear I will definitely do that

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  10. I agree it’s breathtaking I never get to see snow where I’m at thanks for sharing

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  11. sportsdiva64 says:

    The snow looks beautiful and thank you for the nomination

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    1. Your welcome Sportsdiva and thank you


  12. tom says:

    Spectacular. Especially if you don’t have to shovel it

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