Being Thankful to our body (Gratitude+Thanksgiving)

Hi my beautiful and lovely friends, this is your girl Tashnee.V.Mavee. Welcome back to my blog, I hope you like today’s post.

Have you ever took time to be grateful to your body?, or just give gratitude to your body?


Most of the times we spend time hating ourselves the way we look. I am one of the people who do the same. But I came to realize that actually our body does lots of beautiful things for us.


Why should I compare myself with other people or how my friends look. Why should I stress myself trying to look like beyonce. While God blessed me with everything.2017-08-21-09-48-02-9341211427788.jpg

Instead of me complaining about my shape and the way I look in the mirror. What I do every time when I wake up. I give thanks to God for creating me the way I am and so much things he has blessed me with. Then I go to my mirror and talk to it.


I always tell my reflection that my body is perfect, my stretch marks are part of my body. Their beautiful and natural tatto. I remind myself every day that the girl I used to be 15yrs ago has come and gone with that tiny body without stretch marks, flat tummy or even pimples2016-05-15-13-16-55-862525348795.jpg

This is the knew me and I am grateful and thankful for the way I look now. Being grateful to your body is a good thing. You need toย understand the importance of having more gratitude in your life.ย 2017-09-25-19-47-42-2121298919912.jpg

What about you my dear friend are you grateful for your body?Yes, that body. The one that you’re in right now. I know we all miss that body you used to have when were a teenager,or the body you had before you got married.


You need to appreciate and be thankful to God for keeping you alive till this moment, the beautiful family he has blessed you with and many more other things.

Here areย  things you must be grateful for and give gratitude too.๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

Our body:

Our hands we use them to cook and hug our loved ones. etc

Our feet helps us to take a walk in a garden and so many more thing’s you can do with your legs.

Our eyes help us to see light and beautiful things around us.

Our breast help us to breastfeed our kids.

Our body help us to give birth to our children.


There are so many things you can be grateful and thankful for. Instead of spending more time hating your body, put yourself in one of those people’s shoes,who can’t use their:





And much more other things their body cant do for them. We spend our time complaining about stretch marks, you hate your figure, you hate your belly. At least be grateful and thankful to what you have. Show Gratitude to everything in life


Thank you for stopping by have a blessed day

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