Self Acceptance

Hi my lovely friends this is your girl Tashnee V.Mavee. Welcome back to my blog, I hope you like today’s post.

In life one go through so many challenges. Sometimes we dont leave our own dream but people’s dream. Sometimes we let our friends to determine our future.

Sometimes your friends or people around you, influence you badly. But your to busy pleasing them and you are not even aware that your doing the wrong thing or not.

Sometimes we do things because we want to belong. We do things just to be accepted by people around us. I was the victim of that life too. Always trying to please my friends or people around me. I was born with dark skin but all my school days people use to mock me because of my skin color.

My friends advised me to bleach my skin, at first I was not sure. But because I was suffering from acne i decided to do it. Because i was told that a bleaching cream removes dark spot. Yes i started using it and my skin started to be lighter.

Bleached skin

So I decided to use the bleaching cream for my body, and I ended up bleaching myself but the painful part was that I was not free to walk on the sun because most of bleaching cream they don’t allow you to get in contact with the sun. And I spent lot of money because of this creams.

And if you stop using the cream you become more darker than you were before. I have lived that life and it came time when I said enough is enough. I started accepting myself the way God created me. Because I stayed way from people who did not accept me the way I was created.

My chocolate dark skin

I am happy today because my skin went to it’s normal color the way I was born. I am proud of my dark chocolate skin and I will never let people determine my destiny ever again.

Be proud of who you are. All that’s glitters is not Gold. Each and everyone of us we are unique in our own way. I rather use filters to edit my pics if I dont like the image color rather than bleach my skin again. Because this product are harmful to our skin and some of them cause cancer.

Learn to believe in yourself and have the voice of your own not others. Stop seeking for other people’s approval. Stand your ground.

Thanks for stopping by have a blessed day😊😊😊

Published by Tashnee V Mavee

Fashion stylist , fashion blogger and Lifestyle blogger

34 thoughts on “Self Acceptance

  1. Beautiful post, I remember once wen I was in school my friends always complained about my dark skin, so I bleached. I regret ever doing it… The black skin is priceless, resistant and really beautiful… I only realized they were envious of me few years after, but thank God I’m back to normal

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  2. What a great post from Tashnee. I love the way you made the 360 degrees turn of that bad habit of bleaching. You’re both beautiful in the two skin color. Then why should one ever take a wrong decision in life if a correct decision will bring the same result and much more?

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      1. You’re welcome Tashnee, I like you and your blog. Do continue to enjoy yourself as you impact the world. Keep on blogging and succeeding!

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  3. It’s a shame that “friends” told you to bleach your face. They aren’t your friends if they mean to do you harm like that. I’m glad that you have learned to love yourself, because if you don’t , who will. You’re very beautiful and it’s ashame that people around you don’t realize that all of us come in all shades of beautiful blackness, not just what society expects us to be . God bless you .

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  4. Very Good and Encouraging Post Tashnee! I understand how you feel, I’ve bleached my face before but not my body. I think we all have some issue about us that’s brought on by “what others say” in which causes us to mess up the beautiful creation that God created us to be. So glad that you found comfort in just being you, which is BEAUTIFUL!!

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