Church outfit ideas

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Model Name: Tabitha Tabby

Dressing a young lady for church it is really a big deal. Because she want to look beautiful and at the same time sexy. But we can not forget that inside the house of the Lord you can just wear any how you need to respect God’s house.wp-image-1467340191wp-image-594322663wp-image-667460341

Dressing up for church it is something I real do respect a lot cause you can’t show of your body inside the Lord house as if your going out for dinner or party with your friends. But hey that’s my own opinion and my believe. When it comes to the house of the Lord I really make sure that I wear appropriate clothes.wp-image-2105740237wp-image-508001452wp-image-319716104wp-image-1304061457

I make sure my dresses or skirt go below my knees. So today I have this young an d beautiful model. She is my sister by blood the last born of the house.I had to make some change in her wardrobe especially for church clothes. Things she will need to use in church every Sunday.wp-image-1852053970.wp-image-759111500wp-image-1333722381

Because she is a worshipper in church so she must lead by example to other kids. That a child of God especially who stand in front of congregation must be presentable and neat. And at the same time her dressing must be appropriate. So this is all the outfit and I think she looks pretty in all of  them.

wp-image-535434979wp-image-691981799wp-image-1031750572 Thanks for stopping by have a blessed day.wp-image-574025642

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