Sometimes it is good to learn how to let go.

Hi my lovely friends this is your girl Tashnee.V.Mavee. I hope you like today’s post.

Sometimes in life the are things that you need to let go of them. Sometimes you can fight a battle that is not worth fighting for, because you know that at the end you will loose that battle. Not because your a coward but because the are people who will get hurt in the process.

Maybe it is good to fight for what you believe in. But the comes a time you need just to let it go. They say blood is thicker than water. And yes that’s true but sometimes water can be thicker than blood.

It is better to be called a coward but at least you will know you tried your best. When one door closes definitely another door shall be opened for you. Instead on dwelling in confusing, rather you walk away.

Sometimes you can see signs that is time to let go but because your afraid of change, you stay on the same place hoping things will change. Sometimes things will never change if you don’t take a bold step.

If you say I can’t walk away on this situation because people will laugh or judge me. Let them judge, their not your God. Your happiness comes first and everything shall follow. Let your heart guide you. And never forget to ask God for a better life, peace of mind, happiness, health,  success and ask God  for blessings so that other people,can be blessed through your  blessings. Those are the important things you need in your life. Remember without God we are nothing, stay blessed.

Let check out my outfit of the day.

Dinner date. So I decided to wear something short. What wore was short multi color dress. The dress had four colors peach, white, grey and black.

I did not use to much accessories, cause I wanted a simple look, so I used only silver earrings and I used charline shoes in pewter color.


Thanks for stopping by have a blessed weekend😊😊😊













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29 thoughts on “Sometimes it is good to learn how to let go.

  1. I agree with you, sometimes we have to let go… It is probably the hardest thing to do, at least for me. Most of the time, I’m like a dog with a bone! I really like your picture, especially the one with the smile. You have a beautiful smile. Do you like your new home? It seems lovely from what I could see in your pictures. Speak to you soon Tashnee.

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