Looking Smart and Expensive on the low Budget

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Different ways to look smart and expensive with the right combination of outfits,you can look expensive while your just wearing affordable outfits.

If you know what is suits your body, life becomes much easier for you to choose the best outfits for your body. Each and everyone their unique on their own way. What works for me may not work for you.

Have put some ideas below check them out and tell me what you think. You can Purchase the below outfits from Markham’s, H&M, Zara and etc

Model Name: Nkanyiso

His a Graphic designer, Photographer, Fitness instructor , Brand Ambassador.. Grant Star Owner.

Outfit 1


Outfit 2


Outfit 3FB_IMG_1503997863675FB_IMG_1503997804813

FB_IMG_1503997799127Outfit 4


Outfit 5



FB_IMG_1500439319682FB_IMG_1500439342810FB_IMG_1500439329578Thanks for stopping by have a blessed day.wp-image-574025642

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