How to use your blue scotchy suit in two different ways

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If you are a man it is very important to look good and smell good  too. Ladies love a man who take good care of himself. It is not only ladies who have to look good, also men deserve to spoil themselves and go all out to look handsome.

Outfit 1

What he wore was a 3 piece royal blue scotchy suit with a little bit of white on it and I used the white shirt and white hat  just to brighten up the look. I went for this look because he was attending a wedding.


You may have money as a man but if your not clean, I am very positive that no women will want to spend the rest of their life with a dirty man just because he showers her with money and gifts.

Outfit 2

On this second outfit I had to break the rules of you using a suit. What he wore was a white shirt, white pants, white tie, white shoes and I added up a  blue scotch jacket, which goes along with waistcoat. To give it a classy look.


It does not matter if your a women or man, but been clean is the most important thing in someones life.

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