How to style your leggings and jeggings

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Lots of people use leggings this days because this pants are comfortable and easy to use. Most of them look like jeans and can be worn with everything. Most of ladies have leggings in their closet. Because leggings are the easiest to be worn and they don’t need to be ironed in most times.

Outfit 1

On this outfit what I wore was a blue Β leggings with a floral Cardigan, added up with a white vest and white wedge shoes. I used a black figure belt just to give a different look to the outfit


Outfit 2

On this second outfit what I wore was a floral leggings with pink t.shirt. And I used black heels because black goes along with everything.


Outfit 3

What I wore was a black top and blue leggings Β with black ankle boots


Outfit 4

What I wore was a grey top with blue leggings and white sandals





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28 thoughts on “How to style your leggings and jeggings

      1. Even I don’t know if that’s an official word!! But if you google jeggings it does give those images… I think its more of a colloquial term here!!!

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      2. Yes it is dear, I never gave myself time to know the name jeggings but I know that we have TreggingsΒ . This days I only use Treggings, leggings and jeggings.Because their comfy but thanks for the word jeggings I won’t call them leggings no more😘😘😘😘😘


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