Journey of my Life (chapter 5)

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Miracle just happened

One Sunday morning it was time for church and my epileptic brother just fell  down and stopped breathing, and my parents have already left for church. Because it was their wedding day. We had no choice but to go inside church and call them. My parents called the ambulance to come and pick up my brother because his situation was different to the other days.

While they were waiting for  the ambulance, my mother asked the pastor to help them to ask God to have mercy upon our family and the pastor told my parents that they have went through a lot in their life. Now he thinks it is high time they look for solutions in other places and he suggested a spiritual man to them.

My mother was shocked to hear what a pastor said to them, my father agreed to call the spiritual man. Meanwhile the ambulance got to our house and checked my brother and he was confirmed dead. They informed my parents that it was to late my brother has passed on.

My parents could not believe what just happened to them, their joy turned into sorrows. The ambulance wanted to take my brothers body away but my mother said no, they can’t take him away she is just asking for few hours to say her last goodbye to her son. My mother prayed like she never prayed before.

Mom: God I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him who infuses inner strength into me. I have signed a contract with you my God that I will save you for the rest of my life. I save you in truth and spirit yet I don’t understand why bad things always happen to my family and I.

My house is were witch craft doctors come  now to mock you. My situation is so worse that even Pastors gave up on us. But who am I to ask you questions, if it is your will to take my son to stay with you, it is fine by me. Even though it hurts me so much to loose one of my children. May your will be done. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen

As she was about to call the people to come and carry my brother’s body outside, she had a voice saying mom God has answered your prayers. I am well now worry no more and I have a message for you, God spoke to me that your tears touched him and your son, my younger brother will walk again and as for my sickness it is gone forever says the Lord. But I made a promise to my maker that I will save him for the days of my life.

And before I say anything let this spiritual man leave this place. And tell my father to ask God for forgiveness. God has already sent a helper to change our life and situation. My mother could not believe what she had and saw. My brother’s sickness left him and while she was trying to understand what was happening and what  was  my brother saying. The hospital called my mother and the doctor said to  her  women show me the God you save cause as am talking to you , your son just stood up and started walking . This is really a miracle, we are all surprised of what just happened here in the hospital.

My mother was speechless and she could not alter a word only tears of joy was coming out of her eyes and the ambulance took my brother for proper check up. And epilepsy was not found in him ……..

This is Gideon Banda the one who was epileptic

FB_IMG_1502771945026FB_IMG_1499635850386 He is a Pastor and Founder of   The  Fullness Of God Ministry, full filling the promise he made to God.FB_IMG_1502771939917 Apart of being a Pastor, he is  a Founder and  Director of GB Project Home Decor i have put some of his work below.FB_IMG_1502771828260FB_IMG_1502771845062FB_IMG_1502771865982FB_IMG_1502771971454FB_IMG_1502771978401FB_IMG_1502772038655

From building plastic toys and cars for   us to play when we were little he ended up following his dream of becoming  a Carpenter. Now he is one of the best home decor in SA and he tour all over the world if is necessary. Please do check out some of his work here

This is Jeremia Banda the one with broken bones. He is a Graphic designer, model, Founder of Show Stopaz Crew(Dancer’s) and a Video Producer at Zinto Marketing Company


To be continued……

The Lord is Good all the time

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12 thoughts on “Journey of my Life (chapter 5)

  1. Good Lord, wow! I cried while reading the story as i read the previous one but before i could finish reading, i found myself jubilating before the conclusion. i am touched and humbled by the strength of God’s love and mercy and the wonderful stamp of authenticity he left as a proof of his greatness in your family . I am so happy for you and your family my sister God is great!

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