Journey Of My Life (Chapter 4)

All Hope Was Lost

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Life was like a fairy tale but through all my parents united even more. Our enemies saw that the family is still standing together no matter what we were facing. They even tried us more and more. My younger brother was announced paralysed for lifeย ย and that he will never walk again in his entire life. Visiting the hospital and seeing him crawling to us was a pain we couldn’t bare. We use to cry every time we visited him and epilepsy became even worse to my other brother.


One morning my father decided enough is enough, he went to see his friend for advice and that was a wrong decision he took. His friend advised him to see a spiritual person. Because he was desperate for answers he did what a friend advised him to do. He went from one spiritual place to another. Because the problem we had become even more triple. Each and every night different things use to happen to my family, witches and wizards attacked us even more. My father became even more desperate because food started to get missing in the house.


My mother use to cook and when is time to dish out the food, she use to find no food in the pot only soup left inside the pot. It was like a fairytale but I wish it was. My mother will cook and stay in front of the pot to see if the food won’t disappear if she is next to her pot, but the food use to disappear into thin air without her noticing . She will turn the pot upside down to check if the pot had holes. But the was nothing wrong with the pot, but how would she explain to people that the food she cooks always disappear into thin air.


Who will believe our story if we tell people that all this things are happening to our family, the bag of 50Kg Millie pap use to last us one week. Because we did not understand were did the rest of Millie pap went to. Money use to disappear in the house. My parents knew the kind of kids they were raising and they knew that we could not take anything in the house without asking them.


My two brothers their situations became even more worse than before. My family was shuttered it was turned into a spiritual house were in native doctors visited to come and cleanse the house. But my mother was against it, but my father said he had no choice but to look for solutions because God has forsaken them.


My father turned his back from God and he followed the ways of man. My mother was against it but she had no choice but to put my father and us on prayers, because my father made up his mind to fight evil with evil. Peace was lost in our house. Everything has gone wrong.

To be continued…..

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33 thoughts on “Journey Of My Life (Chapter 4)

  1. What an inspirational story. Sometimes we don’t listen to God and want to follow the ways of man with sometimes devastating consequences . I pray that everything is all right now. Looking forward to your new posts.

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    1. Thanks dear, I am busy running around because I moved to a new country so am trying to settle down, looking for apartment and buying staff for the house it’s not been easy, that’s why I have not been paying attention to my blog but now am back.

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