How to Style your red/Maroon suit

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Outfit 1

Most of the time some guys strangle to style their suite. Thinking that when they try to play around with different colors it won’t go along with their attire especially when it comes to red/maroon Suit.

I have put some ideas that can help you to play around with colors, it doesn’t suppose to be exact colors I used this is just to show you the example how to style your suite or your man’s suite. Who does not want to see their man looking stylish, when they go for business meetings, dinner date, weddings, business parties or even going to church.

Most of this occasions I mentioned they need  suites, So my  lady if your hubby can’t play around with colors. It’s your dutie to help him out to make right decisions in what to wear, don’t say I don’t know nothing about man’s clothes if he ask for help. I laid down some few ideas down just to get you started.

What he wore was a maroon suit, with the maroon Jersey, black shirt, maroon tie, dark brown shoes and colorful sock, but you can use any socks of your choice. This outfit is suitable for those cold day’s.

wp-image-44957034wp-image-935690997wp-image-981046545wp-image-16424988Outfit 2

What he wore was a maroon suit, with black shirt, maroon tie and lite brown shoes.


Outfit 3

This is another solution for you to use your suit jacket with different pants, You’re don’t need to be stuck to the complete suite, making it very versatile

What he wore was black pants with black shirt, maroon tie, maroon jacket and dark brown shoes.


Outfit 4

What he wore was black pants with grey bottle neck, maroon jacket and dark brown shoes.

wp-image-1377841667wp-image-1875290909wp-image-831021062wp-image-1806590736Thanks for stopping by have a blessed day 😊😊


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  1. Men tend to have limited clothings than ladies, so learning how to combine the different pieces of clothings Shirts, ties, Suites , pants, t-shirts is a huge advantage that keeps them smart and command respects in their various engagements. Changing your clothings and looking unique makes a man look intelligent and confident to others.

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