All Black outfit

Hi friends this your girl Tashnee.V.Mavee, welcome back to my blog. I hope you enjoy today’s post. Today I will be discussing the color black.


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The color black will always be there for you, black clothes helps us alot and they play a big role in our life. If your going for interview or first date we use black clothes alot.

So a girl can’t leave without a black outfit on her closet, black is my best friend. I know  anytime i can rely on it.image

Black is associated with power, fear, mystery, strength, authority, elegance, formality, death, evil, and aggression, authority, rebellion, and sophistication. Black is required for all other colors to have depth and variation of hue.

The black color is the absence of color. Black is a mysterious color that is typically associated with the unknown or the negative. The color black represents strength, seriousness, power, and authority. Black is a formal, elegant, and prestigious color. Authoritative and powerful, the color black can evoke strong emotions and too much black can be overwhelming.image

In heraldry, black is the symbol of grief. The color black can be serious, professional, and conventional, but black can also represent the mysterious, sexy, and sophisticated. Black is a visually slimming color for clothing and like other dark colors, in interior design, black can make a room appear to shrink in size.

The color black affects the mind and body by helping to create an inconspicuous feeling, boosting confidence in appearance, increasing the sense of potential and possibility, or producing feelings of emptiness, gloom, or sadness.

In western countries black is the color of mourning, death, and sadness. Black often represents the emotions and actions of rebellion in teenagers and youth. The color black can represent both the positive and the negative. As the opposite of white, movies, books, print media, and television typically depict the good guy in white and the bad guy in black. In more recent times, the good guy is shown in black to create mystery around the character’s identity. It is best to use some color with black to lighten and brighten its energy.

topshop-black-long-sleeve-bodycon-dress-product-1-13637456-892703205TashneevMaveeThis my favourite shoes I am crazy in love with this shoes. Their so comfortable I can stand the whole day in this shoes without getting tired. I bought this pair of shoes last year it was €100.  I take this pair of shoes everywhere especially if i know am going to be out the whole day.

imageWhat I wore was a short black leather dress and black shoes.

imageFor accessories I had a blue double purse just give brightness to the outfit and black shades. The reason I choose blue on this outfit was because,the color blue induces calm and peace within us, particularly the deeper shades, Blue is the colour of truth.

comme-des-garcons-blue-comme-des-garcons-wallet-unisex-cowhide-double-zip-purse-product-3-5069662-013668593gg-3644-n-d28ed-56mm-new-gucci-sunglasses-women-gg-3644-n-black-d28ed-gg3644-n-56mmimageIMG_2108Thanks for stopping by 😊😊😊 have a blessed day.


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      1. Hi dear I never saw red but you can check, when bought mine they had black, white and a lark nude. Do I bought black and the nude one.When you get to the side you must scroll until u find the shoes, cause the link send you to nude color and is out of stock, but I saw the black

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