Do I need expensive clothes to fit in?

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Do I need expensive clothes to fit in the society?

My answer is no, to my own opinion i don’t think you need expensive clothes just to fit in among your friends or society. Why should you please your friends or  leave a fake life because you want people to accept you. Or  you just want to give people the impression that you can afford designer clothes, bags and shoes. So that they can think your a big girl, while deep down  in your heart you know  that you leave a fake Life.

Why worry about what other people think about you. Is there really much point in buying expensive clothes? If you can’t afford it, ask yourself that question. In all the social media you leave a high and mighty life.  While you know that you used your last money in your bank account just to buy that expensive dress to post in your Instagram, do you think doing that is wise?

Do the brands of your clothes matter?

My answer is no. In life we must learn to accept ourselves and the situation surrounding us. Personally I think that it’s not about​ how expensive your clothes are. The truth is that you can still look good in your clothes whether they​ are designer clothes or not. Why kill yourself if you can’t afford it.

You can still wear your inexpensive clothes with style. Always make sure you choose the right combination of colours and know what goes with what. You can still look expensive, you just need to know how to play with colours. And choose clothes that fits you perfect. Check out the outfit below and leave your opinion and suggestions.

Model Name : Busisiwe Diphoko

What she wore was a white  skinny ripped knee jean, white shirt, high knee brown boots, scarf and a beige blazer




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34 thoughts on “Do I need expensive clothes to fit in?

  1. I live by this words that you write. I don’t believe in buying expensive clothes nor do I believe in the compulsion of wearing brands. I don’t even know when someone is wearing a branded cloth. I don’t even know when I wear brands until my brand conscious friend ask me if this was this so so so brand. And I’m like uhhh I don’t know. Then she goes over to the tag and say yeah it is. ( most of my branded clothes are bought by my sister who is brand conscious, I don’t even know lol which ones are). I go cheap and still be stylish. And people think I wear expensive cz of the choice of clothes of pick. But anywys. Brands don’t matter. Expensive clothes don’t. Whatever you wear, wear it with so much swag and confidence. People will think it’s expensive or branded. It’s not that I can’t afford to buy expensive clothes and I do sometimes but I still go to cheap stores to look for something awesome. Thanks for sharing this post. Awesome content. 🙂 😉 ❤

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    1. That’s true girl one can be stylish with or without branded clothes. There is nothing wrong on wearing designer clothes or branded one but if you can afford it’s ok, but sleeping with man or waste your last money just to post on social media that’s insane. Most of my sneakers and sporty clothes all of them are limited addition. But I only do that if I have a budget for that. Some years ago I lived my life only for shopping ,everytime miss Elliot will come up with anything that is limited Edition my friends use to know that I will have it no matter the price tag. Because I wanted to be different even the shop manager from Adidas shop use to call me before the items arrive, I have everything that miss Elliot launched some years ago, Respect me jacket, sneakers,belt you name them. But what I didn’t know is that I was amongst people who gave peer pressure to another kids and some of them ended up doing wrong things just to fit in. But I worked for my money through dancing cause I came from the poor background​ and when I was growing up I use to tell myself that I will work hard and wear everything I want. And believe me through my dancing career I was able to do that. But four years back when I got married, I lost a friend and her last words to me was Tash look at you now your getting married and as for me I will never get married cause am dying I have HIV, I always wanted to fit in because you had everything u have dreamed off. But instead of leaving by your example I took the wrong path and followed man. Those words they still haunts me, but again I know she had a choice but choose the wrong one. So I told myself that I need to educate this young girls who look up to me that you don’t need expensive life just to fit in. One day I will share with all of you how I grow up. 😢😢

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      1. Wow. That is amazing your journey. Nothing in life matters more than your life. You should never do things for other people but for your own hapiness. Being around the right set of friends also matters. I make friends based on how they can take me towards the right path of life and not the wrong path. People who know God and do the right thing. That is why they say choose your friends wisely. It’s sad what happened to your friend. I pray for her soul to be in perfect peace. I believe that a woman respect lies in how she presents herself and how she preserves her dignity. Nowadays people don’t think of the consequences of having sex before marriage, at a young age etc. Women have to be careful about who they give their bodies to. A blogger posted something that touched me. He said give your body to someone who you know will cherish your trust and your emotions. That really struck me. But I’m glad that you are on the right path. Believe in yourself. Follow God’s way and let him lead you to a beautiful life.

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  2. You are right me sure don’t need to were expensive cloth to impress anyone, if they don’t like you for who you are but rather what or who wear then they are not true friends.

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    1. True my dear fashion has gone crazy this days, people intend to use their last cent just to look good for social media rather than investing their money on good business, I guess is peer pressure. The lady on the pic is my friend, I use her as my model thanks for the compliment.😘

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